Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doomsday 600 Point Team

This team went 2-1 this Saturday

Lost first match, might have won on points if I did not focus on Phoenix

297 GX047 Phoenix
110 GX008 Cyclops
81 GX011 Emma Frost
104 GX038 Iceman
4 CAS101 Scorpio Key
599 Total

2nd match was a win.  Doomsday picked them appart one at a time.

200 SM010 Supergirl
130 SM018 Steel
125 SM017 Superboy
140 SM034 Cyborg Superman
595 Total

3rd was a close win that came down to the wire.  Doomsday proved to be too much for Metallo and Lex

182 BB033 Metallo
160 BN002 Lex Luthor
121 BB032 Kryptonite Man
90 SM020 Bruno Mannheim
45 SM004 Intergang Underboss
598 Total

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