Friday, September 30, 2011

If you have 300 points and you need a one man army, try Superman or Black Adam from the new Superman Heroclix set.  Either one is a powerhouse and tomorrow we will look at them both.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Superman is HERE!

Just got the new Superman Heroclix set.  We have a few videos for the unboxing and will have reviews of single figures over the next few weeks.  There are still a few clix we did not get but will work try and get some over the next few weeks. CLIX of interest are Superman Chase #57, Doomsday, The Bat-Man, and many others.

Youtube link for video is HERE
Brick 1 Boosters 1 and 2                               Brick 2 Boosters 1 and 2
Brick 1 Boosters 3 and 4                               Brick 2 Boosters 3 and 4
Brick 1 Boosters 5 and 6                               Brick 2 Boosters 5 and 6
Brick 1 Boosters 7 and 8                               Brick 2 Boosters 7 and 8
Brick 1 Boosters 9 and 10                             Brick 2 Boosters 9 and 10

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another reason why I cannot wait until this set is released

Now I must add this to my list of WANTS from the new Superman Set that is due to be released on September 28th.  Stay tuned.

Monday, September 19, 2011

With superman so close, I thought I talk about some figures I'm most interested in. The top spot will have to be Black Adam. His ability to be played at three levels, combined with his sculpt easily gets him my number one spot. Then Project: Superman, with his cool hulking out dial. Last, but definitely not least,ERADICATOR!

Superman Cometh

With a little more then a week away.  The WANT list for this set is growing.
Might be easier to list figs that we don't want

Here is the check list poster.  Stay tuned for updates and possible a few videos

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Results: W-0 L-3

My warrior team was out matched by stealth. The worst was the Batman Gotham team one of my opponents played. It was full of outwit, perplex and theme prob. My figures on their own are good, but don't work that well together. The MVP on my team was Noh-Varr. Noh-Varr did most of the damage for the team. The least useful piece was the Punisher. He was unable to do anything after he moved, he couldn't shoot and couldn't outwit stealthy figures.

I would play each figure again, but not on the same team. they each have a specific role on their own team. Wolverine leads the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Elsa takes care of monsters with Nextwave, Noh-Varr deals big damage on the Dark Avengers, and Punisher provides support for the Marvel Knights.

September ht
400 point modern age theme tournament.
Results: W-1 L-2

Posion Ivy/Harley Quinn

Faced another Gotham City team and was "Out Stealthed"  Poison Ivy was a fun character to play,  as I expected.  I parked Deadshot on an object.  My opponent destroyed the object out from under him and proceeded to KO him in one turn.

Lesson learned, Keep Deadshot in HINDERING terrain.

2nd match was against the Warrior team listed here and that was a WIN

3rd match was against Next Wave team.  Map choice was very bad for the both of us, but was very interesting to play on a map with no usable hindering terrain, lots of hallways.  Will do a review of that map soon.

3 new Video reviews.  
Guy Gardner
“Successful” Dirk Anger

Friday, September 16, 2011

400 point Modern THEME required
This is the first week of the blog and my theme team is warrior.

A personal favorite of mine, like all wolverines, this piece is deadly! The only flaw is the huge target following this guy.
Give up useless keywords for a +1 to attack all dial? YES PLEASE! his trait throws theme prob out the window, but a 12 attack up front will make up for that.

Elsa in one word is this... COLOSSAL KILLER. She is the answer to the mindless one swarms.

SI Punisher is one cool clix. He has an awesome special, great sculpt, and he is good anywhere on his dial. He can make two separate attacks in one turn, outwit later, and blades or range combat expert near death for some major damage.

I'll report on how they do in the upcoming tournament soon. 
Gotham City Theme 400 points
  • Two-Face
On the fence about usefulness, stealth and perplex is always a good combo.

  • Hitman
Interesting figure, fun Sharpshooter with a few clicks of stealth to keep him hiddenNice special power
"GUNS BLAZING: Give Hitman a power action. He makes two separate ranged combat attacks as free actions (making two separate attack rolls against two different target opposing characters). Resolve the first attack before making the second; if he loses Guns Blazing before making the second attack, he can't make the second attack."
  • Deadshot 
Excellent click, I have used him many times and if you can keep him healthy, he will provide a lot of heart ache for your opponent
  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
I really want to like this figure, love the sculpt and hope I can use them to there fullest potential.  There is a lot of powers and special abilities, but have to be very aware of surroundings

Thursday, September 15, 2011

400 Point Modern THEME required

This is the first week of the blog and will have my team as Gothem City Theme and Andrew's team is Warrior.