Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black Adam/JSA team
This week I went 3-0 for the fist time. This also marks the first time I came in first in competition. The MVP was definitely Black Adam. Every figure I KO'ed was by Black Adam. The trick was having him as the big target and perplexing up his defense to a 20 or 21 most of the time.

The first team I played was against Super Girl, Cyborg Superman, Super Boy, and Steel. Black Adam knocked Super Boy out in one turn, then crushed Steel in two turns. Cyborg Superman KO'ed Batman and afterwards Black Adam demolished Super Girl then destroyed Cyborg Superman.

The second game was against Metallo, Kyptonite Man, Lex Luthor, Bruno M., and Intergang Underboss. That game was close, Black Adam knocked out Metallo and Intergang Underboss and I lost The Atom and Mr. Terrific.

The third game was the closest of the night, I played against Phoenix, Emma Frost, Iceman, and Cyclops. The game ended with Black Adam and Batman fighting Phoenix. The prize I won was the manhunter grandmaster. We will have a review of him later.  

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