Monday, October 24, 2011

Finished 2-1 this past weekend with this fun team.

I won the first 2 matches and lost the final round to Andrew with the team he posted below.  He won the tournement and was awarded the Zibarro LE figure which we reviewed

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

600 point silver age team created by Andrew

It just might prove to be tougher then I first expected

Monday, October 17, 2011

W:2 L:1
2nd place

My team did very well last week. The first team i played against was a Super boy, Eradicator, and Clark Kent team. I dominated in that match. 

The second team I played against was Cave Carson, Mister Miracle and Oberon, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, and Animal Man team. The Bat-Man was knocked out late in he game, but he did his job. Mister Miracle and Oberon gave me the most trouble, but I was able to over come the 20 defense to win.

My last match was against my older brother who is down in Florida for the weekend. He was playing a double Supermen team. He went two games without any figure dying. He easily KO'ed Flash and Bats then knocked my Earth One Superman to his last click. I hypersoniced and hit one superman for five penetrating damage, knocking him out and picking up another object. He pushed to hit me and missed. I pushed to try and KO the second Superman, but I missed and KO'ed myself.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finished 3rd place this weekend with my 300 Point team

I have decided that Imperiex is a BEAST and will have a video review up soon for him.  My only loss came against a Superman X2 team.

Next week we have a 600 point Modern age event and have a beast of a team lined up, and will review soon

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black Adam/JSA team
This week I went 3-0 for the fist time. This also marks the first time I came in first in competition. The MVP was definitely Black Adam. Every figure I KO'ed was by Black Adam. The trick was having him as the big target and perplexing up his defense to a 20 or 21 most of the time.

The first team I played was against Super Girl, Cyborg Superman, Super Boy, and Steel. Black Adam knocked Super Boy out in one turn, then crushed Steel in two turns. Cyborg Superman KO'ed Batman and afterwards Black Adam demolished Super Girl then destroyed Cyborg Superman.

The second game was against Metallo, Kyptonite Man, Lex Luthor, Bruno M., and Intergang Underboss. That game was close, Black Adam knocked out Metallo and Intergang Underboss and I lost The Atom and Mr. Terrific.

The third game was the closest of the night, I played against Phoenix, Emma Frost, Iceman, and Cyclops. The game ended with Black Adam and Batman fighting Phoenix. The prize I won was the manhunter grandmaster. We will have a review of him later.  

Doomsday 600 Point Team

This team went 2-1 this Saturday

Lost first match, might have won on points if I did not focus on Phoenix

297 GX047 Phoenix
110 GX008 Cyclops
81 GX011 Emma Frost
104 GX038 Iceman
4 CAS101 Scorpio Key
599 Total

2nd match was a win.  Doomsday picked them appart one at a time.

200 SM010 Supergirl
130 SM018 Steel
125 SM017 Superboy
140 SM034 Cyborg Superman
595 Total

3rd was a close win that came down to the wire.  Doomsday proved to be too much for Metallo and Lex

182 BB033 Metallo
160 BN002 Lex Luthor
121 BB032 Kryptonite Man
90 SM020 Bruno Mannheim
45 SM004 Intergang Underboss
598 Total

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Upcoming 600 point Modern Age Event.

I went through our inventory and found a few figures that have 19 defense.  I do not know how well they will work together, but it will be fun.  I think The Question with his outwit/perplex and Count Vertigo with his 3 person Incap might allow me to control the pace of the game.  Night Crawler picking up figures and bringing them to Doomsday for a good old fashion beating.  We will have a video review of both teams soon, and a brief summary of the days tournament.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prepare for the challenge of your lives! The Infinity Gauntlet has been unleashed upon the world of HeroClix in an unprecedented 8-month Organized Play series! Once monthly, players will assemble in Venues all over the world and compete for the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe!

The Infinity Gauntlet represents an all-new Organized Play format that is sure to energize the player community, and inspire new players to answer the call to arms! With an ample number of participation prizes each month, players of all skill levels will receive an award for attending!

So, steel your resolve and prepare to do battle for the greatest weapon of them all! Do you have what it takes to assemble and control the Infinity Gauntlet itself? Can you safeguard reality or will you rule with impunity? Only you can decide!
Superman sealed event results
W:0 L:3

The team I played for the tournament was 200 point Black Adam and the 99 point Maxwell Lord. Black Adam in my opinion should be played at the 300 or 100 point level. the 200 point level is only good if you have the right support for him.