Friday, September 16, 2011

400 point Modern THEME required
This is the first week of the blog and my theme team is warrior.

A personal favorite of mine, like all wolverines, this piece is deadly! The only flaw is the huge target following this guy.
Give up useless keywords for a +1 to attack all dial? YES PLEASE! his trait throws theme prob out the window, but a 12 attack up front will make up for that.

Elsa in one word is this... COLOSSAL KILLER. She is the answer to the mindless one swarms.

SI Punisher is one cool clix. He has an awesome special, great sculpt, and he is good anywhere on his dial. He can make two separate attacks in one turn, outwit later, and blades or range combat expert near death for some major damage.

I'll report on how they do in the upcoming tournament soon. 

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